Why Great Taste Matters

With the proliferation of small, authentic, non-corporate beverage brands, there’s something essential often missing in the discussion. The fact is, many of the truly stand-out brands taste so much better than the brands they are trying to replace. The taste gap is huge – and thus the experience gap as well.

TONX is a premium on-line coffee subscription business that delivers on a promise of extraordinary base (https://tonx.org/). Included in one recent delivery was this note:

“In many culinary pursuits the gaps between the quality of the common experiences and the great ones can be enormous. A truly great pizza is noticeably more awesome than a typical pizza. The best microbrew beers are in another league from mass produced lagers. The divide between most tacos and the best tacos you can find is vast (we really like tacos).

So how much better is good coffee than typical coffee?

This might sound like an odd question, but people’s opinions differ greatly. Among those who haven’t given the beverage much thought, the assumption is that a “good” cup is only marginally better than a typical one. Not too surprising. Among those who have really sunk their tongues into great coffee the answer is usually that it stands head and shoulders and ten gallon hats above common coffee.

We agree.

The common coffee experience is one of bitter brews, lacking in flavor or depth, made from mediocre beans, poorly roasted and often sitting stale for months before use. To our minds, the cups you make at home using fresh, top-notch beans compare to common coffee the way that a fresh loaf from a renown bakery compares to a stale bag of wonder bread. The difference is immediate and striking.

But unlike some of these culinary pursuits where the pinnacles of perfection require years of skill building, great expense, or trips to the finest restaurants – the optimization from common coffee to great coffee in your kitchen isn’t hard to reach when starting with the best beans. As always, we’re here to help you along the path with everything from simple brew tips to gear upgrade guidance. Drop us a line anytime!”